"From Principal’s Desk"

The ocean of thoughts with its sky high waves plays with the human aspirations relentlessly. We don’t know its beginning nor do we know the end of it, but it’s the only phenomenon that has been dominantly reigning the humanity since time immemorial.

Mankind is dreaming to conquer space with its wonderful technology. Social systems, ideas, ideals, philosophies, arts, beliefs, doctrines are nothing but various types of waves in this ocean of thoughts. Human brain is highly conditioned by these time- bound thoughts. These highly conditioned brains invent various kinds of devices to exploit and destroy the world. We are groping in the darkness and think that it is the very light of reality. It’s time to recognize the bondage and welcome the light of freedom.

If education can not set a student free from all the prejudices no more can it be called education. Memorization, ideation, idealization are the principal components of the so called modern Education- system. If memorization of theories and words equates education then Google is the most educated entity in the world. We are in dire need of life-transforming and liberating Education. Sheer urgency of the light of education has brought us together. The beautiful nature of the college campus and the surrounding area teach one to look directly into the heart of everything that exists. The chirping of the birds of this place inspires us to listen carefully.  Yes, listening and learning are two pivotal dimensions of education. Here we inspire our would -be teachers to be a good listener. Only a good listener can be a good teacher. The teacher has to listen to everything without cherishing any bias in the heart. The faculty members of this college lay emphasis on the attitudinal transformation in the learners. Fragmentation of human personality is always kept at bay, and totality is ever glorified in our institution.

Intellectual pursuits play an important role in our teachings but love and relation are the very basis of everything here. Our educators always inspire the learners to grow in the field of known but at the same time they point out the limitations of known.  The history of thousands of years bears testimony to so many conflicts and wars born out of limited known. So it’s a human need to investigate the known. When known is observed by unknown then only all the conflicts, bigotry, limitations cease to exist for ever. Unknown is that which cannot be touched by limited time and space. Unknown is infinite intelligence nay it’s the essence of love. Our humble effort is to create an actual environment for the listeners to learn the totality of nature and human beings. In the light of pure observation we study our curriculum as well as the other co curricular activities such as music, sports etc.

Our aim is to discover men and women who will transform themselves into the embodiment of intelligence and love. Once they are transformed the whole world will bathe in the soothing light of love. We clearly see the days of conflicts, wars, hierarchy and inequality are numbered. Here we stand to live in pure intelligence and spread love throughout the universe.

We welcome all the torch bearers of intelligence and love to our campus. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder at the darkest time of the world to permeate the very essence of humanity throughout the life

My good wishes to all.




                                                                                       Bishnupur Public Primary Teachers’ Training Institute 

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